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    Comp-Win is a leader in IT complex solutions for TSL. Our service portfolio includes: IT systems supporting logistics, optimization tools, outsourcing IT, intranet systems, networks as well as server administration and helpdesk support.

  • (Polski) Optymalizacja(Polski)

    System może być efektywnie wykorzystywany w procesach planowania i realizacji długoterminowych umów z klientami/dostawcami oraz efektywnego planowania tras

  • Optymisation&Consulting Comp-Win offers a wide range of optimization tools to provide a client with the benefits from the results of the implemented system.MORE

Solutions spotlight

The IT solution offered by Comp-Win for Publicat Co. combines two IT systems from two companies: Softlab in Publicat Co. and SAP in Arvato. There is an on-line service round the clock, seven days a week. From the very beginning of interface start-up, discontinuities in data transmission amount to not more than 1 hour a quarter. At present there are 100 orders on average transmitted from Softlab system to SAP every day.

Izabela Bober – Logistics Manager, Publicat Co.:
Implementation of the Comp-Win IT solution has helped us to eliminate failures and suspension in data interchange. Thanks to the electronic reports which are monitoring the whole process, we have full indispensable knowledge of how to manage processes in the right way. It appears that complicated logistics processes can be very simple to execute and manage. These are eliminating failures in shipping and handling by using eLogistyka System, reducing the number of correct papers and quick access to clear information that make the whole implementation of this IT solution expedient and successful.