Important information for our customers & business partners.

Publikacja: 01.04.2020

In the current situation caused by spreading of the coronavirus (COVID-19), we took responsibility for health and safety to all groups of our stakeholders. In the current uncertain reality we would like to provide our Clients with maximum level of business security.

That’s why:
• we have decided that most of our employees are working remotely;
• our office is open but with limited working hours where we’re fulfilling only essential tasks that require physical presence;
• we’re consistent upholding the same level of customer service;
• all commitments to our Clients are being realized on the regular route;
• implementations are being made without big disruptions;
• new projects are starting as scheduled.

Thanks to our hi-tech equipment and resources the most or our employees is working remotely sustaining dalily communication with eachother and fulfilling all projects according to plan and the assigned duties.
We’re making every effort to sustain close and solid contact with our Clients with no impact on service quality due to current situation.
We’re monitoring the market environment changes, especially current disruptions of the global and local supply chains. Besides health and safety of our workforce, our main tasks are supporting our Clients with elimination of issues that they’re facing now and minimizing their negative impact on the Clients’ business.

Summing up, we’re happy and full of encouragement that among of our Com-Win team and our families there is no COVID-19 infection reported. And we’ll do our best to keep it like that.
It looks like that coming days and weeks will be filled with challenges, that’s why let me wish you and your families first and foremost health and high spirits.

Wiktor Wysocki