Analysis of needs in terms of logistics

Analysis is the key stage of the project, which the success of the entire implementation depends on.The purpose of the stage is to define processes the IT system will support, and user expectations. During the analysis, consultants meet with company employees, get to know the company’s strategy, its needs in individual areas, the organisational structure, the course of business processes, the flow of information and documents and the organisation of work at particular workstations.
On the basis of the information, they prepare a report, which provides for the following elements:

  • Identification and description of business processes.
  • Recommended functional scope of implementation.
  • Suggested implementation goals. Measurable business goals, discussed with the Customer, possible to achieve due to the implementation of the system.
  • Expected business-related benefits. Potential benefits to the company following the implementation, resulting from the optimisation of the organisational structure, the course of business processes and the method of performing individual functions at workstations.
  • Schedule of works. A schedule allowing effective launch of the recommended functional scope of the implementation, providing for actual availability of the Customer’s (organisational, human and financial) resources.
  • Cost of the undertaking.
  • Assessment of technical infrastructure.

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